Friday, 19 December 2014

Key Advantages Of Hot Runner Molds In Injection Molding

There are array of benefits of using hot runner molds in comparison with cold runner molds in molding technology. When designed correctly and used effectively, Hot Runner System facilitate injection molding through cost effective measures enhancing productivity. The many advantages of a hot runner mold are listed below:

1. Money and resource saving

Not using cold runner system is money saving in many ways:

  • Zero wastage of plastic material
  • no need to pay someone to make regrind
  • no sprue picker robot required
  • faster cycle time for increased productivity levels

2. Manufacturing advantage

A hot runner makes it more easygoing for a molding machine to inject plastic into a mould cavity. The runner accelerates the capability of a molding machine, thereby reducing the plastic flow length. This helps molder save material by making thinner and lighter parts.

3. Short Product Cycle time

Since there is no runner to eject the casting, a shorter opening stroke can be used that save cycle time in totality. Injection fill times are shorter as the plastic flow length is shorter this also saves cycle time. For high cavitations moulds runners need to be thick and cold runners will need a long cooling time before being solid enough to eject from a mold.

4. Mold Makers Can Make Hot Runners

Pet Preform Injection mould makers are capable of making their own hot runners. The advantage is that one company can take full charge of the entire mold and it reduces the hot runner price. To make a hot runner requires standard tool making equipment such as a radial drill, CNC machining center, a surface grinder, a cylindrical grinder and a CNC lathe.

5. Other Benefits of hot runner

  • Available for both single cavity and multi cavity molds
  • can be used with most plastic materials and part designs
  • easy maintenance
  • reduction in number of moving plates in a mold
  • lends good gate vestige
  • can be used with close pitch mold designs

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