Monday, 15 September 2014

How Moldmakers Are Profited By PET Preform Mold Technique?

An introduction

Let us give you a fact: A cost-effective, flexible PET system – that has low cavitation PET preform molds – brings down (mold) changeover time as well as conversion costs. Many leading PET Preform Dies Manufacturers produce the finest collection of molds that is used by bottle manufacturers. Such type of molds helps in carrying out the overall product manufacturing task within minimal downtime. Further, PET Preform molds in New Delhi help in making a variety of preforms having different-sized applications, but similar neck finishes.

How a high-quality PET preform mold helps in making customers satisfied?

A few main benefits of using such types of molds are mentioned below. Read on...
  • Reduced cycle time
  • Flexibility of operations
  • Minimal cost incurred while carrying out conversion tasks
  • The mold is very convenient to use
Such benefits chip in to build unparalleled customer satisfaction for many moldmakers.

A few important benefits of using PET Preform

PET preform system’s modular design offers innumerable benefits while the conversion process is underway. The mold’s unique built and design reduce the conversion time considerably.  The unique design of such a mold eliminates the requirement to cool and re-heat (during part changeover). The time taken to switch a mold is reduced thrice when compared with a conventional mold.  Another reason for

Such molds can easily accommodate any type of preform length. By easily accommodating any preform length, the mold’s requirement to replace components is reduced dramatically.


 Other advantages of installing PET preform mold

Such a mold, by and large, has:-
  • A specific section meant for cavity
  • Cavity lock stack design
  • Adjustable ejection rams
The PET preform molds have been manufactured by almost every leading moldmaker. Such molds have been designed using the latest technologies and are priced a little higher than the conventional ones.